Free Webinar - Customer Experience: A Practitioner’s Guide to Creating Actionable Insight

2020-06-30 |  Ed Wells

In an increasingly customer-centric world, being able to turn customer data into actionable insight is critically important.

Organisations that can gather relevant data, grasp what it’s telling them, and use the findings to swiftly improve their customer experience have an advantage over those that can’t.

To help you do this, PEN Partner Ed Wells and special guests, Rebecca Allsop from Skipton Building Society, Alison Lawrie from AkzoNobel and Richard Lintern from Cold3r, hosted a webinar to share practical tips on how to create actionable insight and build the foundations for long-term customer experience success.

In this session they discussed a number of key topics including:

✅ Why actionable insight is so important and why many organisations struggle to create it

✅ How to turn data into meaningful insight as well as some of the common challenges that organisations face and how to overcome them

✅ Stories and experiences of customer experience leaders who do this day-to-day

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