Free Webinar - Location strategy and the implications of Covid-19

2020-05-29| Nick Dennis

You’ve successfully overcome the initial crisis. But do you know how your workplace is going to recover from Covid-19?

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, now’s the time to be focusing on your return to work planning and considering the longer-term implications of what the rise in flexible working, changes to your operations and new technology could mean for your location strategy.

To help you do this, we hosted this webinar to share our insights on the immediate areas that you need to focus on to successfully plan for a return to the office while ensuring you’re setting your organisation up for long term success.

In this webinar we cover the key topics you need to be thinking about and share our insights and observations from across our clients and the wider market including:

  1. How to ensure that the lessons learned from the current lockdown are embedded in your return to work plans
  2. What successful organisations are doing to learn from current ways of working and how you can do the same
  3. And what you should be doing now to ensure your longer-term location strategy is setting you up for success

If you are currently wrestling with how to manage your organisation’s return to work, post Covid-19, or you’re thinking about your overall location strategy in light of the pandemic, then you’re going to get some really valuable insights from this webinar.

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