How to improve clinical trial experience

2019-12-10| Magnus Franzen

With more touchpoints than ever in the digital age, you’re closer to your patients than at any time in history. But with this comes the need to make every interaction a positive experience, or you run the risk of them walking away.

Many clinical trials are impacted by delays due to patient recruitment issues, or patients not staying until the end of the trial. But this can be averted if you place more emphasis on improving the customer experience.

To help you, we've created this eBook which gives you our detailed guidance and best practice on managing the clinical trial experience.

How this eBook will help you

This eBook walks you through the principles of clinical experience management, why it’s important for your business and how you can incorporate it to improve the effectiveness of your clinical trials.

In it we explain how to design a better experience, deliver it at every stage of the customer journey, measure the performance of your trial experience and improve the culture of your organisation to truly embed effective clinical trial experience management.

What you'll get from reading this eBook

In this eBook we give you clear and actionable guidance on customer experience management in clinical trials, and how you can implement it within your business. Including:

  • An overview of what customer experience management is and why you should apply it to your clinical trials
  • Our new four-stage clinical trials experience management framework and how to follow it
  • The three biggest potential benefits of implementing clinical trials experience management

With more of your competitors taking steps to manage their clinical trials experience, you’ll want to act now to make sure you’re not losing ground.

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