On-Demand Webinar: Using Data-Driven Insights To Transform Your Contact Centre Performance

2022-02-02 |  Hannah Isaacs

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How customers interact with your business and how your employees serve them has been transformed in recent years. And your contact centre plays a key role in this changing relationship.

The shift to digital has been turbo-charged by the pandemic, which in turn has dramatically increased the workload on your customer service team.

In order to continue operating efficiency you need to adopt a broader perspective; focussing on customer experience, employee experience and cost to serve.

This webinar looks at how you can do this by gathering detailed insight from each interaction between a member of your team and a customer - and how you can combine this data with other information to build a deep insight, using the overall output to your advantage.

In this eye-opening webinar, Hannah Isaacs is joined by Paul Lambert, Head of Customer Operations at Camelot Group and Garry Gormley, Contact Centre Specialist at FAB Solutions to discuss how to identify and implement opportunities for improvement in your contact centre, including:

  • How to observe a call and what information and data will help you understand where customer interactions could be improved.
  • How to dig deeper into call data and merge it with other sources of organisational information to develop a richer insight.
  • And the practical benefits that can be generated for both customers, employees and operations.

We also take a look at how our Contact Insight Health Check can help you pinpoint where you can make improvements to your service and what steps to take.

Contact centres are vital when it comes to gaining insight for your business. If you want to drive performance and improvements in customer and employee experience - and your operations - in 2022, it’s a discussion you’ll want to be part of.

Watch The Webinar On-Demand Now