Our Takeaways From Day One of the NHS ConfedExpo

2022-06-16 |  Su Jones

We’re spending a couple of extremely insightful days this week at the NHS ConfedExpo, one of the biggest health and care conferences of the year. 

They’ve covered some really fascinating areas on Day One, here are a few of our key takeaways: 

  • The importance of building great partnerships cannot be understated, and the pandemic has taught us that these are strengthened when we have a common sense of purpose
  • Investing in innovation is absolutely crucial, but we need to collaborate and spread the innovation as rapidly as possible
  • We also need to put a particular focus on finding new ways to bring people forward for regular cancer symptom checks
  • We need to ensure we're getting the right infrastructure in place, in order to maximise the advantages of data in terms of pre-emptive care and health inequalities
  • RESPECT - We have to be making sure that respect goes all the way from the Board to the ward
  • Respecting every pound of funding, respecting patients and improving quality for them, asking “what matters to you?”, not “what’s the matter with you?”
  • We should be improving the experience for all patient groups and communities

Its also been so lovely to re-connect with so many people in person. I don’t recall a time when I heard the words partnership and collaboration said so much and what an opportunity we have when ICSs go live in July.

We're here for one more day and I would love to connect with more people whilst I'm here so please come over and say hello, and if you miss me today, come and find me on LinkedIn