Our Takeaways From Day Two of the NHS ConfedExpo

2022-06-17 |  Su Jones

I’ve had an amazing and inspiring couple of days at the NHS ConfedExpo, and have come away with so much to think about. Here are a few thoughts from the conference…

  • For a conference so dedicated to partnerships, there was surprisingly little trumpeting of what the Life Science Industry has achieved with the NHS from the main stage. Quite the opposite story from all the excellence that was being shared on the stands. It’s as if it’s fine to shout about our world-class multi-sector approach to vaccines, but then go quiet again once the dust settles. This made me think: how can we shift innovation to the forefront of everything we do? And what needs to happen to ensure cross-sector LS partnerships are showcased with the same leadership energy as those without pharma?
  • What does the future look like for Healthcare and Life Science go-to-market models? It’s nothing new for LS boardrooms to talk about “beyond the pill”, but it’s looking increasingly like the reality, with technology moving so rapidly. This could be transformative in numerous areas, be it patient recruitment for trials, data generation to support different approaches for commercial deals, or for simply making it easier for patients to get the best from their medicines.
  • Personally, I’m really happy to see pharmaceutical companies and digital/med-tech getting more collaborative! It’s time to shatter any pre-conceptions that pharma is slow and digital is agile but fleeting. The two can work very well together and now we know it. The innovation in this space will undoubtedly be paramount for ensuring the sustainability of healthcare, delivering value and delivering better patient outcomes.

If you’re interested in building next-generation Life Science companies, that incorporate the power of partnership, do drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.