Planning For Success After COVID-19: Delivering Change Quickly & Decision-Making

2021-07-28 |  Helen Clark

What is changing?

The recent pandemic proved that companies can make big decisions and deliver change quickly. It also showed that organisations and their staff can rise to the challenge, focus on the outcome and drive results - even in times of uncertainty.

How will this impact you?

Many organisations are now embedding these learnings into their future ways of working, to ensure they are always able to deliver change and make decisions at speed. The ability to quickly evolve and adapt your proposition to suit your customers will always put you ahead of the competition.

What do you need to do about it?

Some organisations are in danger of sleep-walking back into old routines if they don’t take heed of the lessons learned from the pandemic. At PEN, we believe that at all levels – individual, team and corporate – there are ways to ensure you can successfully move forward:

Be agile across the organisation – with the right focus and approach, incremental change can be implemented quickly and can deliver results. Through all areas of your organisation you should focus on incorporating agile ways of working.

A single purpose - coalescing your whole organisation around a single purpose can unite silos and deliver benefits at speed – it’s key to have everyone on the same page.

Remove the silos – working in agile teams across your organisation will effectively remove silos altogether, making it far easier to drive decisions and make changes.

Build on the talent that has emerged – the pandemic will have shown who your true star workers are – and it may have revealed some less able to perform in a fast paced, ambiguous environment. Build on the stars and provide training where required, but don’t be afraid to make changes to drive the right behaviours going forward.

Learn to delegate – quick decision-making and change can only happen if it’s delegated to people who have the tools and the knowledge to make big decisions. They must have the right skills, the right operating model, and the courage of their convictions. 

How can we help?

This is a snapshot of  just some of the areas to review as part of your future ways of working. PEN have real experience in supporting organisations navigate change and work with clients to understand how best to approach a post-COVID world, and to identify the best strategies for them.

If you’d like to discuss any of these opportunities or find out how we could help you with your unique challenges, please get in touch with Helen Clark.

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