Press Release: PEN expand operations to Switzerland


After decades of stability, the life science industry is now having to address challenges that will fundamentally change its purpose and role – healthcare unsustainability, digital health, consumerisation, precision medicine and advanced therapeutics, will all leave indelible marks that will require life science companies to deliver new value.

We are management consultancy that specialises in supporting life science companies to address these challenges by refocusing resources to deliver the experiences and outcomes that healthcare really needs.

That’s why we are delighted to announce that we have expanded, and now operate from the centre of life sciences, Switzerland.

The PEN Executive Group are also thrilled to confirm the appointment of industry veteran, Bertrand de Lavenne, who in his new role, will lead the Swiss organisation and help regional and global life sciences organisations to:

  • Innovate their business models beyond volume
  • Pioneer new integrated models of care delivery
  • Design patient & customer experiences that matter
  • Hardwire patient & customer-centricity into their operating models
  • Prove the value they create internally and externally

We are very much looking forward to this next chapter.

For more information please contact Bertrand at