The Future Of Work: Developing Modern, Efficient Ways Of Working And Workspaces

2021-09-29 |  Ruari Scullion

“The future of work is flexible, tech-enabled and sustainable.”

The pandemic has prompted organisations to accelerate plans to reassess how and where they work.

Concepts like hybrid working, reducing their office footprint and rethinking their workspace have moved to the top of executive agendas.

To find out what the future of work looks like in practice, we surveyed over 30 organisations and developed our Future of Work Framework – a structured approach to understanding the impacts and opportunities for your organisation.

The framework has been built by working directly with our clients across numerous sectors, using real-life insights into how organisations are developing their future ways of working – from the strategic through to the practical.

An assessment using the framework will help you to:

  • Define and refine your working objectives

  • Understand the technology and tools needed to achieve your objective

  • Understand how your office footprint and workspaces align to your business objectives and needs of your teams

  • Assess how your property costs relate to others in the market and identify efficiency opportunities

  • Understand how your workspaces could change to improve employee experience and attract talent

To rapidly identify areas that need your attention in order to achieve your objectives in a sustainable way, download our recent report and framework below.

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