The Hybrid Working Series - Videos

2024-01-18 |  Clare Allan

This insightful interview series by Clare Allan and Tobi Onabanjo from PEN Contractor Resourcing (now part of Wavestone) delves into the world of hybrid working through the eyes of two long-term contractors.

In the past few years, post-COVID hybrid working has sparked intriguing discussions among clients and contractors regarding their appetite for working in an office environment. Clare and Tobi engaged in a thought-provoking chat with long-term contractors Andy and Shabana to shed light on the subtle yet significant differences between being a hybrid-working contractor and a hybrid-working permanent employee.

Andy, an independent contractor with a remarkable 8-year tenure with us, has been involved in various engagements. Currently working as a Project Manager on a core banking platform implementation programme, Andy's experience offers valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the contracting industry.

Shabana, an independent contractor with us for the past year, manages IT implementations for our client, a software solutions provider for the financial services industry. Her perspective adds a fresh and relevant viewpoint to the discussion.

Clare and Tobi explore topics crucial to the success of hybrid contractors, such as making an impact, overcoming challenges, and effectively managing conflicts. They also touch upon the importance of finding a healthy work-life balance and fostering collaboration in a hybrid working environment.

For ease, the interview has been divided into bite-sized segments that can be easily watched and enjoyed at your own pace.

The Hybrid Working Series: Introduction 

An introduction to our interviewees, long-term contractors Shabana and Andy.

The Hybrid Working Series: Working Patterns

How does hybrid working affect working patterns.

The Hybrid Working Series: Making an Impact

How to make a meaningful impact as a contractor when you’re not with your colleagues a lot of the time.

The Hybrid Working Series: Overcoming Challenges

How to navigate obstacles, build resilience, and avoid adversity.

The Hybrid Working Series: Encouraging Collaboration 

Creating close alliances with your teammates despite being a hybrid contractor.

The Hybrid Working Series: Managing Conflict

Handling issues in the workplace when you’re not in the office all the time.

The Hybrid Working Series: Work-Life Balance 

Making sure you switch off when you leave your home office

The Hybrid Working Series: Benefits of Hybrid Working

What works well and makes a contractor super-productive?

The Hybrid Working Series: Should Hybrid Working be Mandated? 

 Is it essential to come into the office, or can a contractor achieve as much remotely?

The Hybrid Working Series: Office Politics 

How to avoid office drama and ensure smooth sailing.

The Hybrid Working Series: Handling Wellbeing

Looking after yourself as a hybrid contractor.