The Latest Headlines From Across The Wealth & Asset Management Sector - March

2022-04-20 |  Leo Chancellor

This month, we look at the continued rise of cryptocurrency and the increasing importance of ESG. These are the top stories…

The Headlines

Earlier this month we hosted a webinar with Informatica, looking at how you can better manage and control your ESG data. With the wealth of incoming regulation on the horizon, it’s a topic that’s coming up increasingly in conversations with our clients. If you missed the live event, you can catch up on-demand here.

Our very own Roshni Daswani, Associate at PEN, has also released this insightful blog that considers how unreliable data may lead to catastrophic outcomes. This blog outlines the fundamental questions you need to be able to answer to ensure your data is in the right position to let you consider talking about change, innovation, investment, or future strategy. Read it here.

HPS Investment Partners have insisted that they’re comfortable with the plans to move James Hay and Nucleus’s books onto the FNZ platform. The new private equity owners of Nucleus have an existing relationship with FNZ, which lends extra confidence to any pre-deal due diligence. Having lots of experience when it comes to re-platforming and migration in the UK wealth market, we understand the complexities and risks of these projects, so will continue to observe with interest.

The pace at which cryptocurrency continues to make inroads into the investing world is dizzying. The government is due to introduce changes that enable UK fund managers to hold cryptocurrency assets, and as it becomes more entrenched, we expect to see a tidal wave of regulatory changes – both to encourage adoption and to ensure that investors are suitably aware of the risks involved.

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