We’re Pleased To Announce Our Collaboration With Acuity Associates

2021-09-13 |  Clare Allan

PEN Resourcing has long been regarded (we think) as a best-in-class recruiter of Change and Transformation contractors, and financial services SMEs. We’re proud of our unique differentiators - our ability to draw upon the expertise of our management consultants to prepare candidates prior to interview with our clients.

Acuity Associates is also a best-in-class recruitment company, specialising in Senior Finance Professionals. They use the proprietary Acuity Method™ to assess candidates, with only 1 in 10 getting through their comprehensive testing process and making it onto their books. This method is unique to Acuity and means that, like PEN, the interview-to-hire ratio is impressively high.

PEN and Acuity have now successfully collaborated on a number of client engagements. Below is a sample report from The Acuity Method™ which illustrates the relative capabilities of a candidate. Only candidates who score in the top quartile against the five key skill dimensions are presented to clients. 

PEN Resourcing is also a best-in-class recruiter of Change and Transformation Professionals, with repeated ‘reuse’ of contractors. Many are on their fourth or fifth PEN engagement, and having got to know them well over the years, we know exactly what kind of environment and role they’ll thrive in. It’s often thought that contractors get pigeonholed and can’t easily progress in their careers, but at PEN we prioritise career development - and because we know many of our contractors well, we can help them find that next step on the ladder. If we haven’t worked with contractors before, we put them through an extensive vetting procedure - drawing on the expertise of the PEN management consultants to assess them for a cultural fit as well as assessing their competence.

So, by working together, we’re able to expand our offering by providing both Finance candidates and Change ones. We’re also in a position to assist Finance candidates in assessing where their strengths and weaknesses may lie, so that their next contract role can help them to advance their career.

If you’d like to discuss the engagement of either Change Professionals or Finance Professionals, please contact: 

clare.allan@penpartnership.com at PEN Partnership 

ben@acuityassociates.co.uk at Acuity Associates 

You can also visit our websites for examples of resourcing assignments PEN Partnership, and Acuity Associates