What Strategic Partnerships Offer in Your Life Science Business Model?

2022-07-20 |  Su Jones

Is the Life Science business model that delivers sustainable value, secures earlier patient access, and equitable uptake for patients a pipe dream?

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We don’t think so. In fact, we believe that embedding strategic partnership working into the Life Science business model is key to the next generation of healthcare. Evolving the Life Science business model so that innovative medicines can replace old medicines to improve standards of care isn’t exactly a new concept. However, the type of innovation we now see driving market growth in oncology/onco haematology, immunology, and rare and infectious diseases is much more disruptive to the whole health system.

As Health and Care continue to adopt a forward-thinking approach, new capabilities will be required to deliver innovations such as CAR-T cell therapies. There will also be a growing need to develop specialised medicines for rare diseases and vaccines that require complex cooperation with multiple stakeholders, often across manufacturing and supply chains.

By creating clearer access to innovation, providers, commissioners, and local authorities can collectively work together to challenge current reimbursement models where data is limited, which opens the door for new delivery infrastructures.

So with a landscape rich with many potential partners, how do you build a strategy and capability to derive the most return from Strategic Partnership working?

PEN partnership is recognised for working with global Life Sciences. We’re seasoned experts at delivering organisational customer experience change, designing digital innovation strategies, developing value propositions in rare diseases, and providing best-in-class Patient Support Programmes.

Responding to our clients, we’re now shaping how they evaluate Strategic Partnerships as an enabler to delivering their goals.

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