Cloudy Business Episode 3: Key Outcomes when Moving to the Cloud

29 November 2022

What are the key outcomes you should be looking to achieve when moving to the Cloud?

In our new episode of the Cloudy Business podcast, Roshni Daswani catches up with Chris Lawrence, Cloud Delivery Architect at Portfolio BI, to discuss both the technical and project management aspects of the Cloud implementation process.

With a wealth of knowledge under his belt, Chris offers compelling advice on what you should be considering as you move towards the Cloud, including:

  • Your cost expectations, and the Cloud offerings you can leverage to save money over time
  • The concepts of hot and cold storage; what they are, how they work, and what this means for your data
  • Why developing and implementing a data strategy is a critical success factor in your Cloud migration
  • Security considerations and the position of the regulator
  • How to tackle your legacy applications
  • And much more….

Whether you’re already in the process of migrating to the Cloud or thinking of doing so, this episode will provide you with plenty of information on the ins and outs of implementation.

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