Cloudy Business Episode 2: Let’s Build Up Your Capability Model

10 November 2022

Welcome to our second highly anticipated episode of the Cloudy Business Podcast series with Roshni Daswani.

As more and more businesses consider a move to the Cloud, it’s important to weigh up cost management to maximise your usage. So what key things should you be thinking about when looking for a provider?

In this fascinating episode, Roshni Daswani is joined by Paul Casey, Chief Technologist at Computacenter, to discuss Cloud cost management in more detail, as well as the controls and governance that need to be implemented.

With decades of knowledge and experience behind him, Paul is on hand to guide you through Cloud cost models and fin ops models, and the subtle differences between the two.

Is the I.T. function as we know it a business inhibitor or a business enabler? What capabilities do you need to build in your organisation to adapt to an ever evolving environment?

Whether you’re currently on the lookout for a Cloud provider, looking to re-assess your strategy or keen to find out how it all works, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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