Cloudy Business Episode 1: Let's Talk About Cloud

21 September 2022

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Cloudy Business Podcast series with Roshni Daswani.

More and more of our clients are asking whether they should move to the Cloud, and if so, where do they even start with this process? Is their organisation ready? Does their team have the skillset required to drive this? And more importantly, who can help them succeed in their journey to the Cloud?

That’s how the Cloudy Business Podcast was born.

Each episode we’ll be answering your most pressing questions about Cloud migration by hearing from top experts in the field.

In this first episode Roshni is joined by enterprise cloud strategist and associate at Atos, Jeremy Ward, who brings his extensive experience on Cloud migration, being perfectly placed to kick-off the series.

If you’re considering moving to the Cloud or even just want to find out what all the fuss is about, this episode is a great introduction to this hot topic.

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