Rise Of The Customer - S2E3 - Garry Gormley - CEO of FAB Group

15 June 2022

Welcome to the third episode in this second season of The Rise of The Customer Podcast, in which we talk to some of the biggest innovators in CX.

In this episode, Neil Sharp is joined by Garry Gormley, CEO of the Fab Group, whose company doesn’t just take a theoretical approach to the customer experience, but delivers on it too – operating both as consultants and an outsourcing company for their clients.

Using our 6-pronged framework as our guide, we discuss the importance of good CX and how best to achieve it, starting from the initial strategy, to the end point of achieving a satisfying ROI for your client. We also discuss:

  • How the motivation of almost all businesses is to reduce costs.
  • How having a happy working culture can ultimately ensure a good experience for the customer too.
  • And how data is king when it comes to outsourcing.

If you’re looking to improve your CX and are curious about outsourcing, you definitely won’t want to miss this one.  

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