Rise Of The Customer - S2E4 - Remeny Armitage - Founder of Brilliant & Human

26 July 2022

In this episode, Neil Sharp continues to take a deep dive into customer experience through the eyes of different guests who've got a particular perspective on customer experience in their work. Today we hear from Remeny Armitage, a hugely experienced client retention consultant and Founder of Brilliant and Human. With over 20 years’ experience developing successful business relationships with client retention and care at the heart of it all, our guest has a wealth of advice to share.

Remeny and Neil explore the importance of humanising service delivery to create a connection and positive perception of your brand. They delve into how to build better relationships between your business and your clients and the various facets of CX management.

Remeny brings a refreshing simplicity and clarity to what has often become an overly complicated view of how you develop culture and how you strengthen relationships.

If you’re looking to embed a human-centric culture across your organisation, this episode is a must.

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