Second Opinion: A Tender Approach to Healthcare - with Nico Bacharidis

18 July 2023

Welcome back to Second Opinion. In this month’s episode, we’re deep diving into healthcare tenders, with a focus on those who have cracked the formula.

With this in mind, Shrinivas Anikhindi sat down with Nico Bacharidis from CubeRM, along with PEN’s very own Monique Biryiana, to explore how the tendering process works. We took a closer look at what it is that CubeRM does differently, and what this means for the future of healthcare.

As the healthcare and pharma industry continues to grow, tendering is becoming increasingly common. In fact, it accounts for 30% of global revenue in pharma and 70% of global revenue in MedTech.

Tendering works as a form of structured procurement, allowing large institutional buyers such as government's health regions, big hospital groups and insurance companies to open up opportunities for external suppliers to bid on goods and services. But not every organisation will follow the same process; there are a variety of tender types that require different strategies and capabilities.

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