More Data, Fewer Patients: Life Sciences Trends in 2023

05 January 2023

From cutting edge innovative pricing and decentralised clinical trials to the fundamentals of transformation principles and strategic partnerships, we have covered some incredibly fascinating topics on this podcast in 2022. But what does 2023 hold for the pharma and life sciences industry?

In our new episode of the Second Opinion podcast, Shrinivas Anikhindi catches up with Jalilah Gibson and Nick Reynolds, both Associate Partners here at PEN, to explore how the dominant trends of 2022 around cost of care, availability of data and the influence of patients are only strengthening as we enter a new year.

In this insightful episode, we delve into exactly what you should be preparing for in 2023, both opportunities and pitfalls, including:

  • Finding new ways to support healthcare systems with growing and diversifying patient populations.
  • Increased patient choice and the need to provide greater value.
  • Moving towards hyper segmentation – viewing patients as nuanced individuals and understanding what they truly want.
  • Building data literacy in your organisation at a time of data inundation.
  • Moving to adaptive planning - using the right measurement and the right questions to make the right decisions at the right time

And much more…

Don't run the risk of being caught unawares about critical upcoming trends as we enter a fresh new year: listen to this episode to make sure your organisation hits the ground running in 2023.

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