Series 1 Episode 11 - Lucian Camp - Lucian Camp Consulting

11 May 2021

Welcome to the next episode of The Rise of The Customer Podcast, the go-to podcast for CX professionals looking to transform their organisation.

In this episode, we’re joined by Lucian Camp, a brand and marketing specialist whose long and distinguished career has involved several of the finest agencies in the UK. Lucian, who describes himself as the ‘Entire Workforce’ at his one-man-band business - Lucian Camp Consulting, brings with him a range of expertise in brand marketing and communications, particularly within the financial services sector.

During his conversation with Neil Sharp, Lucian delves into:

  • What a successful brand looks like when it comes to CX
  • How to create differentiation through your brand personality
  • Why it’s important to immerse your brand into every level of your business
  • And how you can infuse your brand into your customer experience

If you’re looking to fully unite your organisation’s brand with your customer experience, then this episode will give you lots of food for thought. 

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