Series 1 - Episode 17 - Marcus Ineson - govENHANCE - Special Edition

17 August 2021

Welcome to the next episode of The Rise of The Customer Podcast, the go-to podcast for CX professionals looking to transform their organisation.

In this episode we bring you a special edition, which is an unheard section from the conversation we had in Episode 16 with Marcus Ineson. We’re doing a deep dive into the Life Sciences sector and in particular how health care systems and Life Sciences companies need to adapt and evolve to the unstoppable market forces which are sharing consumer expectations.

Director/Co-owner at govENHANCE, Marcus Ineson, brings with him a range of expertise from the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry and some challenging views on what works well and what needs to change in the design of initiatives across a range of different disease areas.

During this special edition Marcus delves into:

➡️ Patient Support Programmes (PSPs) and initiatives

➡️ Value based reimbursement models

➡️ The sustainability of the healthcare system

If you work in a Life Sciences company, either as a leader or if you’re directly involved in the design, development or delivery of Patient Support Programmes, this episode will offer some really thought-provoking insights and viewpoints. 

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