Series 1 - Episode 18 - Sibéal Pounder - Children's Author

01 September 2021

Welcome to the next episode of The Rise of The Customer Podcast, the go-to podcast for CX professionals looking to transform their organisation.

In this episode, Neil Sharp is joined by Sibéal Pounder, author of the bestselling Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids children’s book series. This podcast aims to explore all aspects of customer experience across many different sectors, taking inspiration and lessons from each – and this episode definitely fits the bill.

Neil and Sibéal explore how some of the basic skills and techniques that we use within CX management are actually used within the world of publishing, selling and creating children’s books.

During this thought-provoking episode they delve into:

➡️ The creative process and getting to know your customers

➡️ How to align with your customer’s lifecycle changes

➡️ The role of social media in interacting with your audience

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you’re involved in the development of your customer experience, you’re bound to gain some inspiration from this episode. 

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