Series 1 - Episode 21 - Mary Wong And Leo Chancellor - Associate Partners At PEN

11 November 2021

Welcome to the next episode of The Rise of The Customer Podcast, the go-to podcast for CX professionals looking to transform their organisation.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into Wealth Management, one of the core sectors we work with, and explore the challenges that lay ahead for the industry. Neil is joined by Mary Wong and Leo Chancellor, both Associate Partners at PEN, who each bring with them a breadth of knowledge and insight from the sector, along with plenty of practical and real-life examples of best practice.

It’s a fun and interesting episode that explores some key topics including:

➡️ The cultural shifts needed to ensure long term success

➡️ How to leverage digital technologies and social

➡️ The importance of quality customer data

➡️ Changing customer expectations and how to engage with customers in the right way

If you’re in the wealth management space and are keen to be part of driving the industry forward to meet the changing needs of your customers, this episode is a must-listen.

And to find out more about the Future of Wealth Management, download our whitepaper now.

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