Series 1 Episode 3 - Paul Barber - Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club

20 January 2021

Welcome to the third episode of The Rise of the Customer Podcast, the go-to podcast for CX professionals looking to transform their organisation.

Joining Neil in episode three is Paul Barber, Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, a Premier League side based in the South East of the UK. As a season ticket holder, Neil was particularly excited for this conversation.

Now in his ninth season with the club, Paul has overseen significant success on the field, achieving promotion to the Premier League in 2017. In this interview, Paul enlightens us on what customer experience means in the world of sport.

Paul talks candidly about the joys and challenges of being a CEO, how the team at Brighton carefully design and manage all aspects the fan experience and also provides great insights into what drives the culture of the club.

With an extensive background in marketing and communications, not to mention 25 years in the football industry, Paul covers some great topics during the conversation, including:

  • What adopting a customer-centric approach really means, from exploring the end-to-end customer journey to managing customer expectations.
  • How planning and balanced feedback can support continuous improvement to develop your business for the future.
  • How the role of CX differs in a high scrutiny industry like football, including how to manage a range of different customers with varying demands.
  • Plus how to adapt your CX during the pandemic to find new ways to engage and connect with your customers.

With Paul’s frank approach and wealth of experience we’re sure, no matter what business sector you’re in, that you’ll get a lot out of this episode. In the current climate, CX is more important than ever so now is the perfect time to listen to Paul’s experiences and practical advice. 

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