Giving you certainty during uncertain times in Insurance

Helping protect your priorities

Helping protect your priorities

Whether you are an Insurer, Reinsurer, Broker or something in between - unprecedented change is already impacting your business. 

Digitisation, changing client & employee expectations, and shareholder demands for growth will not abated. All of which is compounded by macro-economic factors that mean competition is fiercer than ever. 

Our specialists have the experience and expertise to help you navigate this new normal. We work with:

  • General Insurers
  • London Market & Commercial Lines Carriers
  • Brokers

Trust us to make change happen

Trust us to make change happen

Performance Improvement
Cost optimisation, process improvement, sourcing strategy, zero-based strategy design, operational efficiency,

Change Delivery
Programme support, programme management, programme recovery/ turnaround, programme assurance, programme governance, independent programme review, portfolio review, supplier selection/ independent review

Business Strategy
Business strategy definition, location strategy, operating model design/ implementation, organisational design/ implementation, talent strategy, diagnostic review, sustainability strategy

Acquisition, Merger, Demerger
Business integration planning and execution, divestment, operational due-diligence, governance and reporting framework design/ implementation

Technology Strategy
Technology strategy definition, digital strategy definition, location strategy, operating model design/ implementation, organisational design/ implementation, talent strategy, diagnostic review

Regulatory Change
Delivering programmes to implement regulatory change, including compliance and financial

We are dedicated to helping our clients create real, positive change

“PEN’s work has been pivotal in supporting the development of our business strategy using a customer lens”

Customer Experience Director, AkzoNobel

“PEN’s support has been practical, relevant and experienced, and this has again shone through for us. PEN’s team were very adept at letting us as a client express our views and have our debate, but have proved to be very able at timely interventions.”

David King, Chief Financial Officer, UK & Europe, Prudential

“We engaged PEN to assess our customer experience status. Their approach integrated key functions in a sensitive way and led to a deep and helpful insight. The recommendations are well structured and help us to develop our CX strategy in the future. We are looking forward to PEN supporting us in this project.”

Philipp Maerz, COO, Allergopharma (A Division Of Merck)

“PEN reviewed our operating model and delivered us a pragmatic answer that we have subsequently set about implementing with their help. They have lots of real-life, practical experience which they put to good use, they worked with us in a really collaborative way and also at a fast pace which made sure we got to the answer quickly. They were excellent at managing stakeholders and delivered excellent value. I would certainly recommend using them.”

Simon Healy, Managing Director - Savings, Aldermore

“We engaged PEN to provide an external view of our strategic plans. I found them to have an engaging style and the team managed both their stakeholders and the scope of the engagement very well. PEN brought a wealth of experience which they willingly shared with the Skipton team.”

Bobby Ndawula, Chief Financial Officer, Skipton Building Society

“We’re delighted with their work - it’s been an invaluable component of our success so far. They understood our business and objectives to deliver exactly what we needed to a very high standard. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with customer experience.”

Oke Eleazu, COO, Bought By Many

“We engaged the guys at PEN to help us support our UK consumer growth strategy. They quickly got to the bottom of the things that we needed to focus on and established a programme to improve our operations whilst at the same time creating a stronger focus on our customers. Their way of working is highly collaborative and they very quickly fitted-in to become a part of the team at a time of significant change. These guys are doers, they roll their sleeves up and get stuck into the real issues.”

Richard Norris, Director, Consumer, BUPA UK

“We engaged PEN when we had to take a major strategic decision on the future structure of a key proposition. The team from PEN brought expertise and rigour to a process and worked flexibly and quickly with us to assess the options before us. Their content knowledge was invaluable and their collaborative style made them a pleasure to work with. Of most importance, their output was to the point and impressive. It was a great piece of work and I am looking for opportunities to engage in the future.”

Mark Johnson, Proposition Director - Platforms & Investments, Just

“PEN worked with Aldermore Bank to review their mortgage systems strategy and approach. Their approach was pragmatic and delivered significant value. In particular, they ensured that the consultant on the assignment had significant (10 years plus) detailed subject matter expertise and took a flexible approach during the assignment based on the findings to ensure the delivery was focused on our needs.”

Mark Jacot, Head of IT - Mortgage and Savings, Aldermore

“As with all 3rd party support, I’m always looking for something different. Client focus, intellectual capital and hard work are mere entry points. So what makes PEN different? I have observed a couple of key differentiators; first, the Team have real business experience and will pivot dependent on the situation (it’s not just theory and a linear approach) and secondly, the Team are genuinely good listeners and observers so you know your individual circumstances are being taken into account. Good guys, good investment.”

Jeremy Masding, Group CEO, Permanent TSB

“I’ve worked with PEN for years, and known them for over a decade. Although I’m an Associate, I feel very much part of the PEN family - this is how they make you feel.”

Dil Patel, PEN Associate

“Best piece of work we have had delivered externally and you have way exceeded our expectations, the FCA will be blown away by this.”

Board Member, Head of Risk and Compliance at a global asset management firm

“Our first experience of working with PEN has been a highly successful one. They understood the brief, and brought clarity and expertise to the problem. The team fit with ICAP was excellent and enabled PEN to get the best from our people.”

Samantha Wren, COO/CFO, Global Broking ICAP

“We asked the PEN team to help improve our operational efficiency. They used their industry knowledge and experience to good effect, helping us to create a better model for our business. I particularly like their working style and approach; when they say they will do something, I consider it done. They focus on getting us outcomes and working with us to achieve them. We were delighted with the results of the project which we implemented in full.”

Shane O’Sullivan, Director of Group Operations, Permanent TSB

“PEN worked on a major organisational design and restructure programme. It was probably one of the most strategically important projects we have embarked on in over a decade and it was critical that we got it right. The experience, commitment and quality of their input and support is self evident. The complex programme was delivered on-time, on budget and with no disruption to our BAU operations. We couldn't have done it without PEN and I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to address complex operational challenges.”

Nicola Frampton, UK Retail Director, William Hill

“This is the first time I’ve worked with PEN and I’m pleased with the outcome. We asked PEN to deliver a complex piece of work with demanding timescales. The team from PEN absolutely delivered.”

Peter Hetherington, CEO, Schroders Personal Wealth

“PEN Partnership was brought into the organisation on a recommendation, and they have not disappointed.  The way that PEN created and organised a team around the problem, maintained laser-like focus on the objective, and managed a broad range of senior stakeholders was outstanding.  PEN took a complex problem and through structure, discipline and good humour managed it effortlessly.”

Head of Group Operational Resilience, Nationwide Building Society

“PEN took my team on this journey in a quick design sprint of just four weeks. They rapidly generated trust within the organisation and were effective from Day 1. We are now moving forward with complete confidence that our efforts are grounded in actual patient, doctor and healthcare insights.”

Head of Marketing, Spanish affiliate of a global pharmaceutical firm

“PEN challenged us to re-invent what good Customer Experience really looks like, and put it at the centre of the corporate strategy and throughout the organisation”

James Rouse, Director of Business Operations Roche, UK

“Over the course of 12 months, PEN have transformed the way we do marketing and created a much more agile organisation that can better manage our evolving portfolio and changes in the environment, which we have seen the importance of with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Head of Strategy & Transformation, Top5 Pharma