Building your brighter future in Life & Pensions

Plan ahead with confidence

Plan ahead with confidence

In an industry built on planning for tomorrow, our life and pensions specialists will help you make the best possible decisions for the future. We work with:

  • Life, Pensions and Retirement

  • Long-term Savings & Investments

  • Regulation

  • Service Providers

Trust us to make change happen

Trust us to make change happen

Strategy development & implementation
Location strategy, operating model definition, organisational design and implementation

Post merger integration
Process and system standardisation, governance and reporting frameworks, infrastructure consolidation models and dependency mapping

New product development & launch
Market review, channel strategy, agile system design and improvement, and operational go live

Customer Experience Design
Strategy, segmentation, journey mapping, experience improvement and measurement

Regulatory change
Delivering programmes to implement regulatory change, including compliance and financial crime

Organisational efficiency and effectiveness
Cost reduction, process improvement, sourcing and supplier selection

We are dedicated to helping our clients create real, positive change

“We engaged the guys at PEN to help us support our UK consumer growth strategy. They quickly got to the bottom of the things that we needed to focus on and established a programme to improve our operations whilst at the same time creating a stronger focus on our customers. Their way of working is highly collaborative and they very quickly fitted-in to become a part of the team at a time of significant change. These guys are doers, they roll their sleeves up and get stuck into the real issues.”

Richard Norris, Director, Consumer, BUPA UK

“We’re delighted with their work - it’s been an invaluable component of our success so far. They understood our business and objectives to deliver exactly what we needed to a very high standard. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with customer experience.”

Oke Eleazu, COO, Bought By Many