We help life sciences companies create new value which improves the sustainability of healthcare

The life sciences and healthcare sectors are entirely reliant upon each other, but they aren’t always aligned to the same goals. This must change.

Fast growth in costs means the healthcare we enjoy today is financially unsustainable, and traditional life sciences companies are therefore at risk too.

Life sciences businesses can act now. They can genuinely put customers and patients at the center of what they do by realigning resources to deliver the experiences and outcomes that healthcare wants – blurring the lines between the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

PEN exists to help deliver this change, one step at a time.

How we help life sciences companies

We help to build next-generation life sciences companies that meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

From the point of strategic decision-making right through to integration into health ecosystems, PEN can help you to create a value-based and sustainable company that delivers the experiences and outcomes people want.

Here’s how we do it:

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

We’re driven by our purpose, going above and beyond to help businesses become patient-focused

We bring deep expertise on how to improve patient and customer experiences, engagement and outcomes

We challenge your thinking by bringing fresh perspectives which help you to see things differently

We make things happen by anchoring our ideas in reality and taking pride in getting things done

We are nimble and can work at scale through our flexible and international team

Our specialists in life sciences


Aman Shah

Management Consultant


Amy Hannaford

Management Consultant


Ben Donaghue

Management Consultant


Carol Cao



Jamie Campbell

Management Consultant


Jasmin Geisel

Management Consultant


Magnus Franzen

Associate Partner


Mike Bellis

Managing Director, Life Sciences


Glen McCracken

Associate Partner


Shrinivas Anikhindi

Management Consultant


Sim Chahal

Management Consultant


Neil Sharp

Marketing & Proposition Director