We help organisations create patient and customer experiences that increase brand preference, loyalty and advocacy

By paying more attention to patient and customer experiences, life sciences companies can not only increase satisfaction but also boost sales and market share. We help clients realise their customer experience ambitions – whether that’s to change the experience fundamentally, or simply improve it at the margins.

Here's how we do it

Customer journey & care pathway mapping

Customer journey & care pathway mapping

Creating distinctive experiences means seeing the world through the eyes of your patients and customers.

We support clients to:

  • Bring their patients and customers to life in personas
  • Map the journeys and care pathways they take
  • Identify the points at which the new forms of value can be created for all stakeholders

Patient service & solution innovation

Patient service & solution innovation

A great innovation process not only generates ideas, but also moves you towards a working solution.

We help clients to:

  • Explore ideas for new patient services and digital health solutions in a structured way
  • Distill out the most promising concepts
  • Rapidly create prototypes which can be tested and refined directly with patients and other stakeholders

Patient service design & delivery

Patient service design & delivery

Well designed services and solutions are easy to visualise, understand and translate into reality.

We help with clients to:

  • Define objectives and design principles which are used to guide the entire design process
  • Create blueprints which precisely described what the services and solutions are and how they should work
  • Implement and deliver the services and solutions

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