We help companies reconfigure their operating models to bring new patient and customer experiences to life

To successfully deliver new value to patients and customers, organisations must rewire their people, processes and technology around them. We help clients create customer-centric operating models that focus resources on meeting the real needs of their customers – and do so in an efficient and effective way.

Here's how we do it

Customer experience management

Customer experience management

Improving patient and customer experiences isn’t a one-off activity – it’s a constant cycle that needs to occur across the organisation.

We help clients to:

  • Build the capability to continuously listen to their patients and customers
  • Find out what’s working well and what they’ve found challenging
  • Work cross-functionally to enhance customer experiences so they meet or exceed customer expectations

Customer-centric culture

Customer-centric culture

Culture is often overlooked, but is a critical foundation in a customer-centric organisation.

We work with clients to:

  • Articulate what their customers can expect of them
  • Link these customer promises to job roles within the organisation
  • Empower and incentivise employees to deliver on these promises every day

Agile marketing

Agile marketing

Engaging customers effectively in the digital age requires an Agile approach.

We help with clients to:

  • Understand the key needs of customers along their journeys
  • Develop marketing strategies that connect the company’s products and services to these key needs
  • Stand-up Agile marketing teams that deliver useful and engaging content in a quick and flexible way

Launch excellence

Launch excellence

A successful launch requires a focus not only on the product, but also on experiences, outcomes and evidence.

We support clients to:

  • Focus their launches on solving key pain points in patient and customer journeys
  • Incorporate Agile methodologies into their launch approaches
  • Continuously generate post-launch real-world evidence to differentiate their offerings

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