Making change happen across three core specialisms

PEN Specialisms

We’re problem-solvers driven by the desire to help all our clients create real, positive change.

Customer Experience (CX)

We help deliver customer-focused change, whatever the sector. With a deep understanding of customer and employee experience, we’ll enable you to improve brand perception and develop advocacy, loyalty, and sustainable growth.

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Customer Experience (CX)

Articulating the role an organisation has in the life of its customers and the application of resources to purposefully achieve customer outcomes

Purpose & strategy

Creating end-to-end journeys which consistently deliver an organisation's purpose to customers


Aligning and managing operations and processes to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations


Motivating and engaging teams to work together on day-to-day tasks that will deliver or impact the customer experience

People & culture

Measuring and determining the cause/effect of activities and improvements and the governance structures in place to ensure consistent delivery across all touchpoints

Measurement & governance

Helping organisations deliver the degree of advocacy and intended experience to customers and employees

Delivered experience

Operational Excellence (OE)

Whatever the challenge; whether it’s responding to a change in strategy, understanding the impacts of regulation or trying to better manage risk, our pragmatic approach resolves operational and technology issues and can help you achieve operational excellence.

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Operational Excellence (OE)

Understanding the impact of strategy and strategic objectives, developing a roadmap and business case to support investment and measure benefits against

Strategic development & execution

Assessing the current situation and designing the target state so that we can set out and manage the route to get there

Operating model & organisational design

Making improvements through the effective use of technology and data by designing, selecting and managing the implementation of new solutions

Technology & data

Understanding the operational impact of changing regulatory demands and delivering change that ensures compliance and quality

Regulation, compliance & quality

Change Delivery (CD)

We help plan, mobilise and deliver change. Working on everything from individual project quality assessments to delivering large-scale complex transformation programmes and post-merger integration, we’re adept at a range of change methodologies, and never lose sight of your goals and objectives.

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Change Delivery (CD)

Designing, mobilising and delivering change programmes – from individual projects to complex multi-year cross-border programmes

Programme setup & delivery

Assessing, prioritising and recovering programmes when they fail to deliver the desired outcomes

Review & rescue

Providing the knowledge and expertise to ensure clients have the tools and methods to build their own change capability and meet their objectives

Build change capability

Developing the approach and framework to prioritise projects and rationalise large portfolios of change

Portfolio prioritisation & rationalisation