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Change Delivery and Capability

Helping clients deliver lasting and effective change is at the core of our business. 

Whether that’s helping clients to fine-tune, transform or build effective change capabilities, or setting up and delivering change programmes with certainty. 

Our teams provide guidance and support across the end-to-end change lifecycle and ensure our clients deploy optimal change operations, enabling organisations to change with greater confidence and derive greater value for money from their change functions. 

The components of our change delivery and capability framework

The components of our change delivery and capability framework

  • Optimising Change Effectiveness – We provide clients with the structure, capabilities and expertise to enhance their approach to change. Our goal is to deliver certainty so that organisations can run efficient change functions that provide value for money and are fully aligned with their business priorities

  • Programme Set-up and Run – We design, mobilise, manage and deliver complex, business critical transformation programmes, often multi-year, large scale and cross-border

  • Programme Review and Rescue – We identify the reasons why our clients change programmes are not performing as they should, defining the path to Green and then driving the solution through to success

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Our specialists in Change Delivery and Capability


Ben Dineen

Associate Partner


Asha Arul

Management Consultant


Seamus Leonard

Management Consultant


Louis Slinger

Management Consultant