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Customer experience and digital

Becoming a Digital organisation requires so much more than a mastery of technology and a few journey maps. It starts with intent and clarity of purpose, requires a harmonisation of your operational set up with your customers needs and only really works when your people completely understand what customer centricity means and are equipped with the skills to play their part in delivering it.

At the heart of all our work is our CX and Digital framework. Providing a rigorous structure around which customer and employee experiences can be created and managed it also enables organisations to continuously improve their performance through Digital and traditional channels.

The components of our CX and digital framework

The components of our CX and digital framework

  • Purpose and strategy - articulating the role an organisation has in the life of its customers, and the application of resources to purposefully achieve customer outcomes
  • Design and UX - creating end-to-end journeys which consistently deliver an organisation’s purpose to customers no matter how they choose to interact with you
  • Operations and digital capabilities - aligning and managing operations, processes and supporting technologies to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations across all service channels
  • People and culture - creating the capabilities, culture and motivation in your workforce to build and deliver the experience to meet your customer’s expectations in the modern omnichannel age
  • Measurement and governance - measuring experience and driving continuous agile improvement across all customer touchpoints
  • Return on investment - helping organisations deliver the degree of advocacy and intended experience to customers and employees

Our CX and digital propositions

Our CX and digital specialists


Hannah Isaacs

Associate Partner


Neil Sharp

Marketing & Proposition Director


Asha Sanderson-Frimpong

Management Consultant


Lara Rogers

Associate Partner


Jasmin Geisel

Management Consultant