Data is the new oil fuelling the drive to digital

Data is at the heart of everything we do

We can help you on your journey towards being a data-driven organisation utilising our proven Data Governance and Technology frameworks to mobilise or enhance your data initiatives.

The components of our data and technology framework

The components of our data and technology framework

  • Data Strategy - articulating the importance of data in an organisation and setting the direction of travel in utilising data to support the overall business strategy
  • Data Architecture - identifying and documenting the right business domains to manage and govern and controlling the critical data sets that are used in key business functions and processes
  • Data Quality - developing a data quality Framework and then applying that to the critical data that your business needs to function
  • Technology - using out expertise in helping organisations evaluate, select and implement the right data tools for the right purpose at the right cost
  • Data Operating Model - designing and implementing an effective Data Operating Model (DOM) that is that will increase Customer satisfaction, facilitate growth and improve operational efficiency through the use of more accurate and timely data
  • Data Governance - helping organisations create/enhance a data governance framework that improves trust in data and simplifies compliance

Our data and technology propositions

Our data and technology specialists


Barry Chapman

Associate Partner


David Laird



Leo Chancellor



Roshni Daswani

Associate Partner


Nick Reynolds

Associate Partner


Chirag Soree

Management Consultant


A Kuppan

Management Consultant


Prince Naruka

Management Consultant


Carol Cao

Management Consultant


Joe Sharp

Management Consultant


Graham Macken

Senior Advisor