Delivering operational improvements and efficiency gains through the effective use of technology, streamlining processes, and implementing new solutions

Organisations continue to keep efficiency at the forefront of their agenda and are looking further and deeper to find creative solutions to unlock new savings through efficiency opportunities, evolving their digital propositions, and creating capacity to achieve growth ambitions.

Operational Efficiency Diagnostic

Operational Efficiency Diagnostic

Efficiency and cost control remains one of the most challenging issues for many organisations. However, knowing where to focus can be an issue. Our efficiency diagnostic can provide a quick, targeted route to zeroing-in on where effort and money is being spent and priority areas that will provide the best return on investment.

Our experience of reviewing operational efficiency can provide a quick, targeted route to zeroing-in on where effort and money is being spent and priority areas that will provide the best return on investment.

Using this approach, we’ve helped our clients look at: 

  • Simplification: removing silos and duplicative activity, optimising processes 
  • People: clearer accountabilities, better spans of control, managing cultural impact
  • Location: size and use of footprint and enhancing working environment, particularly post COVID  
  • Change: prioritizing change budgets, avoiding increased CIR resulting from growth
  • Technology & data: taking advantage of automation and becoming more agile 
  • Profitability: reducing expenses; decisioning on profit vs growth vs funding more change 

To take it further and deeper we use a diagnostic approach that enables you to look holistically at efficiency and make quick judgement calls on priority areas of the business to identify further potential efficiencies.

This is not just looking at savings purely through headcount reduction, but also cost avoidance and capacity creation. It is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and assess key areas of the business, to optimise and invest in your future success. 

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Digital Transformation is an increasing priority for clients, and automation is becoming a cornerstone to achieving efficiency in every sector. Robotic process and intelligent automation tools can help businesses improve the effectiveness of services faster and at a lower cost than ever before. We help our clients navigate this complex new world, and create streamlined, frictionless experiences that delight customers and employees.

We help our clients to:

  • Assess automation opportunities – Review your operating model and determine where automation could be beneficial, using our experience and toolkit to help select which processes are good candidates for automation 
  • Build a business case for automation – Why and how does automation support your business needs? What are the benefits and the costs? What is the strategy for re-deploying existing resources after automation goes live? We help clients to determine whether automation is valuable to the business, or not
  • Define your automation Operating Model - Which operating model works best for your organisation? Do you have the right team to support the solution and carry out the new responsibilities (e.g. assessing new processes for automation and testing the automated processes)? We help to ensure that any solutions implemented are built on the best platform for success and can be scaled once live
  • Identify the right RPA partner – Who are the key players and who are the providers that cater to your business needs? With multiple pricing, sourcing, licensing and resourcing options available we help navigate the complexities and choose the right solution for your business
  • Plan roadmap – How long should your pilot or proof of concept be? What are the programme stages following the pilot? What internal and external resources will you need to deliver the programme? We have recent, hands on experience of helping clients plan and deliver automation solutions
  • Build and implement – Working with our partner Propel Consult, we have run free proof-of-concept projects to clients to demonstrate the value of automation tools, and delivered fully automated processes using cloud technology, into clients Production environments, in as little as 6 weeks from start to finish

Process design and Re-engineering

Process design and Re-engineering

With our expertise in customer experience and operational excellence we regularly assist clients in driving process efficiency via both the re-design of individual or groups of business processes, alongside considering the use of new tools and technology to streamline operations.

We help our clients to:

  • Map, re-design and optimise key business processes 
  • Implement effective process management principles and process controls 
  • Identify and deliver key process performance goals and metrics
  • Review, select and implement tools to support process mapping, process mining and process capture

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